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Pull up a seat at the table; you are cordially invited to a casual, virtual, dinner-table discussion with Dr. Weiss and some of her friends and colleagues. Learn about our educational and professional journeys, anything we may have done differently, things we’re most thankful for, and our thoughts on career progression. We will also discuss ideas and opportunities for past, present, and future students to set them up for success in today’s competitive job market!

For more information, to request a dinner invitation, or if you are interested in joining as a panelist for a future event, email me!

Upcoming Events

Dinner with Dr. Weiss Flyer 2024 Spring 01.png
Dinner with Dr. Weiss Flyer 2024 Spring 02.png

Past Events

Dinner with Dr. Weiss _2023_Spring_04 In Person.png
Dinner with Dr. Weiss _2023_Spring_03.png
Dinner with Dr. Weiss _2022_Fall2_02.png

Disclaimer: Content posted and views expressed are solely those of Sandy Weiss and Dinner with Dr. Weiss Guests, they are not reflective or on behalf of past or current employers. All guest reviewed and approved any content/media posted or shared related to this event.

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